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Become a trainer

No Listing fee or Monthly fee needed

免費下載Trainge App

1. Download Trainge App

Available on iOS and Android



2. Register for free

  • Visit「Profile」
  • Tap「Log in」
  • Fill in the correct information completely

3. Get people's attention

Upload a photo, fill in the profile, experience and relevant certificates. And don't forget to connect your Instagram account! So people can know you better then book your class.

  • Visit「Profile」
  • Tap「Account Setting」
  • View profile
  • Hit「Edit」



4. Verified your account

This is a necessary procedure for withdrawing course fees.

  • Visit「Profile」
  • Tap「Account Setting」
  • Enter「Bank account」

5. Host your courses

Whether they are one-on-one, group courses, physical or online video courses, all of them can be offered at Trainge.

  • Visit「Profile」
  • Hit「List Courses」



6. Promote your courses

You may promote your courses through Facebook, Instagram, LINE, email...all kinds of ways. People can browse the course information on the web without downloading the Traine APP.

  • Visit「Profile」
  • Go to「Course and Venue management」
  • Enter「My Courses」
  • Enter the details page of the course you want to share, and click the 「Share」 button at the bottom left

Now you just have to enjoy coaching

Seamless payment, electronic invoice, pre-class reminder, electronic consent form, training record... All kinds of practical functions are well prepared for you! Now you only need to focus on coaching and enjoy coaching!

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About fees that Trainge charges

Students pay in cash

No fee to be charged at all


Students pay with Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Each transaction will be charged a 3% transaction fee

I'm a Venue Owner

According to the existing use of the venue, you can freely set the time, method and price of the venue rental to boost the utilization rate and income!