Trainge is a platform that hosts contract-free courses with no membership fees or annual fees, allowing you to freely choose from a wide variety of training courses. Gone are the days of training at a single venue with limited courses that prevent you from trying out different types of training.


  • Go to "Explore" and click "Filter" to find out your favorite courses.

  • Enter a course you like and read the details through.

  • Click "Buy" and select one or multiple periods of time that you're available for training.

  • Select a venue.

  • Select a payment method and complete the order.

    • Credit Card
      *VISA, Mastercard, JCB, UnionPay

    • Apple Pay

    • Google Pay

    • Cash
      *if it's selected by the host
  • Go to "Plan" to check all the upcoming courses you have purchased.





  • Go to "Plan" to look up all the courses you purchased.

  • Enter the course to check details like date, time, instructor, cancellation policy, etc.

  • Click the 'Menu' button on the upper left corner to switch between "Schedule" and "Week" viewing mode.



  • Charge per period / Charge per minute
    • Go to "Plan".

    • Enter the venue you visited.

  • Charge per visit / Passes
    • Go to "Plan".

    • Click the 'Tickets' button on the upper right corner.



  • 確保您的Trainge APP為最新版本
  • 訊號不佳或發生信號堵塞
    • 請確認收訊狀況正常,或稍後再次重發。
  • 關閉來電攔截APP(如:whoscall)
    • 設置到廣告號碼攔截,或手機內設定到黑名單。
    • 由於驗證簡訊為系統大量發送信息,很可能被手機判為廣告,請確認是否有將相關廣告號碼攔截或封鎖,避免簡訊發送失敗。
  • 關閉通訊商「拒收企業簡訊」功能
    • 各家電信公司有提供拒收企業簡訊之服務,可能導致無法正常接收驗證碼簡訊。
    • 以中華電信為例,請登入emome網站後點選「我的emome」→「申請服務」中點選「拒收企業簡訊」,確認此服務是否為「未申請」狀態,若申請可能導致簡訊停用而無法正常接收簡訊。



  • 上述問題排除後,請您再次登入Trainge(停用通訊商拒收企業簡訊服務請於四小時後重試)。
  • 若依然無法收到簡訊驗證碼,請您來信客服 service@trainge.com


  • Go to "Plan" and enter the course you'd like to make change or cancel.

  • Click "Change" button and select the change you'd like to make.

    • Change Time

      • Select an alternate period of time.

      • We'll return the overcharge and demand payment of the shortage.

      • Once the change has been made successfully, we'll inform both student and instructor. You may visit "Message" and click "Notification" to check the confirmation message. In the meantime, the course detail will be updated synchronously in the page "Plan".

      • If you would like to check the payment, you may visit "Profile" and click "Trading Statement" for it; and if you would like to check the refund, you may visit "Profile" and click "My Wallet" for it.

    • Change Venue

      • Select City/County and District, and fill in full address.

      • After submitting your changing venue request, Trainge will inform and ask the instructor to reply.

      • No matter the instructor consent or reject your request, we'll inform you the final result and updated the course detail synchronously.

    • Cancel & Refund

      • According to the course's cancellation policy, the refund depends on when you cancel the course. You may visit "My Wallet" to see the refund detail.

  • Go to "Add" and select "Self Training".

  • You may select any training plan you like or create your own one by clicking "Custom Training Plan".

  • Click "Add Movements" and find the training movements by selecting different body parts or searching them directly.

  • You may "Add Sets" or Timing by clicking the timer icon.

T Points are points awarded to users by Trainge and can be redeemed for future purchases. Each T Point is equivalent to one NTD.


How to earn T Points?

  • You'll be rewarded 100 T Points for the first time login.

  • After enter referrer's ID at "Profile" page, both referrer and referee will be rewarded 50 T Points.

  • Users will be rewarded 5 T points for each full course review.

  • Trainge holds online and offline events from time to time to reward users with T Points.